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Before the Wind

Album Notes

Before the Wind


I can’t help but draw a comparison between times of personal disconnect and how many of us felt throughout the last year. All the craziness was a stark reminder of how quickly things can change and how easily I've taken things for granted. Especially the simple things—a hug from a loved one, the company of friends and family, the autonomy to move about freely, and a sense of security for the future. The year brought challenges for everyone but rarely do we experience change so abruptly and collectively.  I hope and believe that when things return to whatever ‘normal’ is that we will be even more appreciative of what we do have and mindful of how vital our need is for simple human connection. There are many things that separate us, but there is far more that we share as humans that bring us together. Before the Wind is my attempt to bridge the gap between emptiness and uncertainty, opacity and transparency, hope and change.


When I started this project, I promised myself to be as authentic as possible and to express an honest range of emotion. I intended to record four or five songs.  However, once recording started, the writing part never really ended. With the help of several incredible musicians and an amazing friend & producer, five songs evolved into a 12 song album. The writing process has been cathartic for me and allowed some healing while feeling disconnected from the world. It took me a while to remember that peace of mind doesn’t come from anger and grief, in a bottle, or in selfishness. With time, I was reminded how similar we all are to one another and that 'the other' only really exists if I want them to. This year has helped remind me that my compartmentalization of people does one critical thing—it causes a disconnect, which can rattle culture and reality. I realized I couldn't go about my own life thinking and believing I know what someone else has been through—and being certain that my perspective is what shapes truth—what shapes reality. I found myself with a newfound sense of kinship for all people and a silent humility about my own view of the world. For anyone who reads this or listens to the album, thank you. I hope you will connect with it in some way or another. Most importantly, I wish everyone good vibes and peace of mind in the future.


I'll finish with a little anecdote I wrote last spring. 


Experiencing change is as certain as the winter that will rob trees of their color. Yet, as certain as the grays of winter, are the seeds that spread when the wind arrives. Buried, but not lost, they will wait for the spring to bring them to life. Until then they must simply hold on and stay invigorated with the hope of what is surely possible again; remembering a time before the wind.

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